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´╗┐Microwave Bacon Cooking Equipment

from: Cooking Essentials - by Mark Elmond

There is some pretty fancy microwave bacon cooking equipment out there these days. But, really question that everyone wants to know is "how do you cook great bacon"? Let us start with microwave bacon cooking equipment. How do you cook bacon in the microwave? What do we need? Uncooked bacon. Check. Microwave. Check. Hang on a second why are we cooking the bacon in the microwave again? Why do we not just put it in the pan and let it sizzle and gurgle around in its own fat and juices. Well, I guess that is our answer right there. The main and distinct advantage of microwave bacon cooking equipment is that it cooks the bacon with out a greasy mess and produces nice crispy strips.

Now, if you like you bacon greasy, you might prefer to just stick with the pan style bacon cooking equipment. However, if you are a little more concerned about having a long and healthy life you might like to try these tips for microwave bacon cooking. Consider all the options for bacon cooking equipment and then get cooking.

There are several types of bacon cookers on the market. The bacon cooking equipment can range in size, designs and certainly price. It is important to have a bacon cooker to keep the bacon full and fresh as well as making less of a mess in your microwave oven. Price range of the bacon cookers varies and becomes a personal preference.

Most of the bacon cookers have more than one use. They can be used for defrosting, warming as well as a number of other cooking needs. The bacon cookers such as the Presto brand assure that the bacon maintains its flavor, but drains off the grease. As we all know grease is not healthy and should be drained before you gobble down your bacon breakfast.

There is another style of bacon cooking equipment that is very convenient and keeps the bacon from rolling up and sticking together. It is designed to stand up instead of lying down or rolling on top of the other pieces. The design is such that both ends of the bacon are secured as well as the middle portion. This keeps the bacon in a stretched position allowing it to cook, but not roll. Very convenient and looks much better on the breakfast plate. Were you wondering how the restaurants kept their bacon from rolling! Now you know.

Bacon has been an essential for breakfast for years. It is important and much easier to have the bacon cooking equipment to cook with.


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