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Outdoor Cooking Equipment – Enjoying Nature

from: Cooking Essentials - by Mark Elmond

Just about everyone can not wait until the weather turns warm, so that they can dig out the outdoor cooking equipment. Outdoor cooking has been a favorite of many since the dawn of time. Now dating back to history they were not privy with all the great cooking equipment that we have today, but it worked ok for them. We do however, still have some of the same type equipment that they did. So, I guess in reality the concept is the same, just the names and technology have changed.

There is a variety of ways to enjoy cooking outdoors. Most people that spend a great deal of time outdoors, whether in their backyard or on a campground own outdoor cooking equipment. Depending on where you will use the equipment depends on what type you should buy. If you are looking for something to prepare meals on the campground you will need something that can be moved and preferably not too heavy. If your backyard is your cooking haven then it can be a more permanent structure.

One of the most popular pieces of outdoor cooking equipment is the camp stove. The camp stove is affordable and lightweight. They even make a backpack model for those that will be hiking a trail or out on a fishing trip. The camp stoves typically use kerosene, which is easy to carry as well as relatively safe. The kerosene can also be used in your lamp!

Another great piece of outdoor cooking equipment is the charcoal grill. In some campgrounds, they have charcoal grills, but it is always advisable to have your own. No one knows what the group before you barbecued. The charcoal grill is great for evenly distributing the heat to grill meat to perfection. The charcoal burn gives the meat a wonderful flavor. Charcoal grills are cheap and easy to carry along.

Many campers have started packing Dutch ovens for their outdoor get a way. Dutch ovens are easy to use, clean and very efficient. They allow for wonderfully seasoned meats and really allow the flavor to stay with the meat or vegetables.

Outdoor cooking equipment is very important in your backyard and on a camping trip. No matter where you are a good meal always gets you going. Those homeowners that love to entertain have found that using the outdoor cooking methods to be far easier then the indoor cooking. Where you can spend hours frying food, it takes minutes on the grill. Plus the outdoor cooking equipment is healthier and tastes much better.

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