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from: A Healthier Life - by Janet Moore

One of the best ways to stay physically fit and as young as possible is to be sure to make eating healthy cooking a big part of your life, if not one of the most important daily habits you decide to do for the rest of your life.

Some may feel that eating healthy cooking often can get boring, the food options may seem too bland or sometimes they just want to dig into a greasy pizza. Everything in moderation is generally the key to happiness in every aspect of one’s life. However, the better you take care of yourself now, the less you will have to worry and take care of later. The old “better safe than sorry” adage rings true as always. Would you put dirty oil into your car just because you did not feel like driving a couple more blocks to the quick oil change store? Or would you take the extra time to make sure your car has received its proper maintenance? This metaphor can be applied to eating healthy cooking. Yes, you can turn to an unhealthy food type, but just remember that if it is not good for you, what might it be doing to your body?

Besides what poor eating choices might be doing to your body you cannot use the excuse that eating healthy cooking is boring! There are more and more restaurants being created that only serve healthy cooking. These restaurants specialize in making your healthy meals as tasty and as delectable as possible. And, there are ways to make eating healthy cooking enticing and enjoyable!

Eating healthy cooking can be as simple as changing the fattening dressing on your salad to a nonfat dressing or to something with a little more kick and flavor! Salsa is a great salad topper! It is full of flavor, great healthy ingredients and for the most part contains no or little fat. In addition, spicy foods have been known to speed up the metabolic rate. If you choose a spicy salsa you have just added one more great addition to your diet!

Some people might fear that they will have to drastically change their habits if they begin eating healthy cooking. This does not necessarily always have to be the case, like the above example shows. Simple changes can bring about large differences in your physical well being and your clothing size! Give your body the best things in life! Your life, the people around you, everything will only get better if you do! Eating healthy cooking will be one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life!

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